Freedom to Learn as a Training resource



Our owner, Dr. Art Willans, has spent more than 50 years in the fields of education, psychology, early childhood education, and children's mental health services. Over his career, he has developed powerful teaching methods for helping children achieve to the maximum of their potential. He spends much of his time training teachers and supervisory staff in child development, the science of learning, and the teaching methods he developed. A Child's World hires the most educated teachers we can find. Most of the time five of our teachers have completed their bachelors or masters degree. Nevertheless, we spend several hours every month providing in service training to our teachers. They are trained in using procedures that empower children to realize their potential. Teachers at our school must learn and understand how to develop and manage classrooms that promote positive behavior and constrictive relationships. 

Freedom to Learn

Our teachers have an advantage over other teachers. Each of them is given their own copy of Dr Willans' book Freedom to Learn. He makes himself available to answer questions and to conduct classroom observations for teachers. Several times every year Dr. Willans does presentations at state and national conferences.  Many professionals and parents, both locally and from around the country, seek his advice on raising and serving difficult children. Many adoptive parents have benefited from his expertise. Of course, he is available to all parents with children at A Child's World.

Freedom to learn trains teachers to take advantage of the group when teaching children. Students learn best from interactions with each other. Building a bond between students and teacher is just as important as the regard students have for each other. Through a common goal to learn and grow anyone can create a classroom culture that promotes optimal development.