My daughter goes to a Child's World, and she always comes home happy and excited to show me what she did today. The staff is amaxing, and a great team. I am so blessed I found this daycare I struggled with 4 other places and once I found a child world I knew it was our last stop. We will stay here until shes in school :) thank you everyone at a childs world.—Patty S. "A Child's World is the hand of heaven on earth. We are so very grateful for their efforts on behalf of our family. We adopted 2 little girls with disabilities. A Child's World staff stepped in and have been a force for good upon which we rely. Their influence has made all the difference in the world in strengthening our girls and in providing the rest of our family with the tools needed to be cohesive and loving with one another. We need A Child's World desperately and would recommend them to any family seeking emotional and educational support for young children."—Shauna B. "A Child's World Preschool and Therapeutic Program has truly been a blessing for my foster daughter, when she first started A Child's World at age 4 she couldn't hold a pencil correctly, didn't know her colors or numbers and had a difficult time with concentrating and sitting still. After two years of their specialized program she is now in public school and is at the top of her class academically."—Debbie S. I transferred to A Child's world from another day care, my son was having a lot of trouble adjusting to a learning environment after all the staff changes at my old school. A Child's World did an amazing job preparing him for Kindergarten and providing a stable and safe environment. The Teachers are amazing, and the entire staff is very caring. I would and have recommended this school to anyone who asks.—Sarah D. "A Child's World has been a blessing to our family, not only with improving my son's behavior and academics, but also giving me the parent, knowledge in dealing with his special needs."—Lynelle K. "As a foster parent I had two very special children in the therapeutic program at A Childs's World. The staff working with me and the 3 year old girl and 4 year old boy helped us get through the transition to my home and through many difficult behaviors. The children were learning social and emotional coping skills. I also had support through daily and weekly contact with the staff at school. Thank you for being there for these children that all of us love so much."—Lottie D. "A Child's World—in one word is great. The staff and teachers have helped my children to no end from behavior and learning to discipline. They kept me up to date on everything."—Jesse S. "My daughter has been attending A Child's World for almost a year now. She has made tremendous progress both with her behavior and academic learning. My favorite part is still the teachers. You can truly tell they enjoy their job and love the children."—Cindy J. "I couldn't have asked for a better school to send my son to. He had a lot of anger and other issues when he started in March of 2008. Now 1 1/2 years later, he is so much better!! The teachers are one of a kind!! Can't wait to get him into first grade next year. He is going to be so ready!! Thank You!!" —Lynn Z.