"As a foster parent to 30 kids and adoptive parent to 12 special needs kids, I have found A Child's World fills a void left by other preschools and public schools. He is able to deal with behaviors most other facilities are not equipped to handle. I was able to work with staff to ensure my child received an appropriate early childhood education. I believe they are the best provider in this area for certain developmental and behavioral needs. My child was able to transition to a public school in first grade where he is doing very well."—Dave B. I've had my son at A Child's World since he was 2 years old, he's now 5 years old. From day one my son and I clicked with his then teacher Miss Mandy. I've never had a problem with any of the staff and have felt very comfortable with my son being there, so comfortable in fact, I just recently signed my 2 year old daughter up as well. My daughter is in their toddler class and my son is in their kindergarten class where he reunited with Miss Mandy. Prior to moving back into Miss Mandy's class he was with Mr. Jesse who is now the Director. Mr. Jesse has been an asset to this school. He genuinely cares about the school as well as the kids. Im so thankful for everyone at A Child's World especially Miss Mandy and Mr. Jesse. I highly recommend this school for anyone looking to have their child well educated by people who actually care about them.—Ashley B. A Child's World not only has before and after school programs which kept my son engaged and learning, they had summer activities planned every day for the summer. I was impressed as most Daycares keep the children indoors with a curriculum. They had fun activities planned which focused on teaching life lessons. The staff is incredible and my son truly enjoys the time he spends there. Thank you to the staff for all you do, and for creating a safe and caring environment.—Amie W. My son attended A Child's World Therapeutic Preschool from age 3–5 years. I saw such growth in him during this time, from his social skills to his academic knowledge. He has soared since attending A child's World Preschool, and is currently ahead of his class with his learned skills and knowledge. The teachers and staff at A Child's World are professional and spent much time with me discussing Sam's progress and what he needed to work on thus enabling me to further work with him at home. I cannot say enough about our wonderful experience at A Child's World, and I would recommend them to anyone in need of an excellent therapeutic preschool."—Greg S.